Local Product Design with a Global Reach

Bauhn's Auricle headphone range was developed by ONEPOINTSIX for Aldi Australia in 2015. There are 5 models in the range; Stereo, Premium DJ, Noise Cancelling, Wireless and Bluetooth. The Auricle range was launched as an Aldi spe...

Safety first, but style is important too.

Paint and adhesives found on stickers or decals compromise the structural integrity of hard hats, making them no longer compliant with Australian standards. Rad Hats Australia produce custom skins for hard hats that allow for a...

Visionary Design For Sports Optics

SHOC is a leading supplier of optical conversion products for sporting professionals worldwide. Their visors have been widely adopted in american football and lacrosse at all levels of competition, and are used by some of the NFL's big...

An Elevated Solution for a Previously Flawed System

Next time you are walking in an outdoor area of an apartment building take a closer look at what's underfoot. There's a good chance that the pavers you are standing on will be raised above the slab using a pedestal sys...

Enhanced Security For B-Class Trams

It's easy to think of trams in a purely mechanical sense. Methodical, repeatable transport workhorses operating around the clock to get us where we need to go. At the helm of every tram though is a person with the needs to leave their...

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