November 12, 2018


A Modern Take On Traditional Crafts


Crayon Chick is a Melbourne based creative design brand of uniquely handcrafted home-wares and accessories featuring old crafts and new tricks. The brand was launched in 2009 by Michelle Harvey as a way to explore traditional artisan skills and techniques, and to make beautiful contemporary design.


The Challenge


In 2018, Crayon Chick approached Onepointsix to digitally sculpt one of their hand made designs to be reproduced with 3D printing. While it would have been easier to replicate Crayon Chick’s pieces using clean parametric CAD features, it was important to Michelle that the 3D printed pieces retained the unique asymmetries and variations inherent with handmade pieces.



The Solution


Onepointsix used photogrammetry techniques to capture a ‘charmed knot necklace’ and produce an accurate 3D mesh ready for reverse engineering. The mesh was then imported into Solidworks using a reverse engineering plugin and the centreline of the handmade piece was extracted to provide a sweep path for the rope profile. Taking advantage of the ‘free complexity’ aspect of 3D printed objects, Onepointsix incorporated the end caps and chain mounts into the existing body with clean transitions from the rope profile.


With the core features of the design established, Onepointsix developed several concept profiles to create variations of the original product. A simple twisted square profile was the standout. The geometry captured the layer effect of 3d printing and showed it off as a feature, paying homage to the rope pieces that inspired it.



The end result are unique pieces that embrace modern manufacturing practices while respecting traditional design.





Services Provided


   • 3D Scanning - Photgrammetry

   • Functional Concept Design

   • Aesthetic Concept Design

   • 3D CAD and Drafting

   • On Demand Manufacturing - 3D Printing



ONEPOINTSIX provides turnkey solutions for product development. Specialising in “out of the box” conceptual design solutions, product engineering and testing, 3D computer aided design using SOLIDWORKS, plastic injection moulding, international or local manufacturing and everything in between. We design, engineer, source and produce everything needed to turn your project into a reality.


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