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An Elevated Solution for a Previously Flawed System

Next time you are walking in an outdoor area of an apartment building take a closer look at what's underfoot. There's a good chance that the pavers you are standing on will be raised above the slab using a pedestal system.

Pedestal systems have been in common use in residential and commercial construction for over 30 years. They allow for level flooring to be installed over the top of slabs with generous fall for drainage. Their benefits are clear:

• Superior drainage

• No need for grout

• Adjustable levelling

• Ease of installation

• Allows access for maintenance to underfloor drains and waterproofing membranes

• Works with a range of flooring materials, including: pavers, tiles, and timber

• Even Level between exterior and interior floors

The Problem

Traditional pedestal systems are not without their faults. Their versatility has lead to complexity in product offerings that can lead to ordering mistakes, drastically increased costs and delays for installers on site. The small height ranges covered by each pedestal from a typical system could mean 9 different product options across a 15mm - 300mm height range, and then there's the accessories. There's one accessory for pavers, another for timbers, another for slope adjustment, another for grout line spacing. There had to be a better way.

Ezypod approached OnePointSix with a challenge. They wanted to develop a new, full-featured pedestal system with a drastically simplified product offering and out of the box functionality for most common flooring installations. Their requirements were:

• Just 3 models should cover the entire 15mm - 300mm height range

• Slope adjustment capability should to be built in to every pedestal

• 3mm and 5mm grout line spacing as well as timber batten fixing should be possible out of the box without added accessories

The Solution

To combine 8 products and all the related accessories into just 3 products required some out of the box thinking. The solution came in the form of a telescopic design with quick release locks. Ezypod's telescopic height adjustment system means each model can cover a larger height range than anything else on the market and allows for rapid height adjustment for ease of use for installers on-site.

Inbuilt slope adjustment was achieved through an angular, 8 position base flange that comes standard and assembled on every pedestal and can compensate for fall angles up to 5.5% on the slab.

To accommodate a wide range of flooring options without the need for additional accessories, OnePointSix developed a multi-purpose insert for the top surface of every pedestal. The insert has tabs for 3mm grout spacing on one side and can be flipped over for 5mm installations. The insert can also be installed in a third upright position to accommodate battens for timber floor installations.

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Services completed for this project

•Functional Concept Design

•Aesthetic Concept Design

•Prototyping - 3D Printing / Machining

•Engineering Design

•3D CAD and Drafting

•International Manufacturing Support

•Product Visualisation and CGI

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