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Enhanced Security For B-Class Trams

It's easy to think of trams in a purely mechanical sense. Methodical, repeatable transport workhorses operating around the clock to get us where we need to go. At the helm of every tram though is a person with the needs to leave their post throughout the day. With the tight time pressures on Melbourne's tram network, it's important to have a fast, reliable method to secure the trams whenever a driver needs to leave the controls or change drivers.

The Problem

Yarra Trams were looking to replace the door lock units on their B-Class trams. It appeared that the mechanisms had reached the end of their usable life and were due for replacement. These units were no longer readily available as an OEM supplied part and Yarra trams looked locally to reproduce the units.

The Solution

OnePointSix's expertise in sheet metal design and manufacturing made us the natural choice for Yarra trams' B-Class door lock project. OnePointSix reverse engineered the existing locking system with a view to reproducing the unit as per the OEM design. During the reverse engineering process we identified problems with the original design that had led to the premature failure of the existing units. We took the opportunity presented by these problems to re-imagine the design as a whole. OnePointSix's design enhancements led to a more affordable, more reliable, easier to assemble unit, that has been in trouble free operation on the entire B-Class fleet ever since. In addition to improving on the original design, OnePointSix managed manufacturing and supply for the entire project.

Services Provided

•Reverse Engineering

•Functional Concept Design

•Prototyping - 3D Printing and Machining

•Engineering Design

•3D CAD and Drafting using Solidworks

•Low Volume Manufacturing

ONEPOINTSIX provides turnkey solutions for product development, specialising in 'out of the box' conceptual design solutions, product engineering and testing, 3D computer aided design using SOLIDWORKS, plastic injection moulding, international or local manufacturing and everything in between. We design, engineer, source and produce everything needed to turn your project into a reality.

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