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Quieter Trains For Australia

SNC-Lavalin is one of the largest engineering design firms in the world. They are leaders in a wide range of industries, including mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, clean energy, and rolling stock here in Victoria. SNC-Lavalin's engineers designed a new cross-bracing structure to reduce rail noise and required an experienced Melbourne based design firm with high level Solidworks CAD capability to integrate it into existing bogeys (train chassis).

The Problem

CAD models were not available for the existing bogeys and would need to be produced in order to fit SNS-Lavalin's cross-bracing system to fit. In addition to this, allowances needed to be made for wear across the lifetime of the bogey to prevent interference problems down the track.

The Solution

OnePointSix engaged our 3D scanning partners to capture a high detail scan of an existing bogey using laser and probe arm technology. The scan was brought into Solidworks by OnePointSix and was used to fit the cross-bracing structure in place and to model the interface geometry. Wheel wear was simulated in Solidworks and the resulting clearances were assessed against required tolerances. 3D and 2D manufacturing drawings were output as per SNC-Lavalin's engineering standards. All work was carried out by OnePointSix staff placed on-site at SNC-Lavalin's Melbourne offices.

Services completed for this project

•3D Scanning

•Reverse Engineering

•Functional Concept Design

•On-site Personnel Placement

•Engineering Design

•3D CAD and Drafting using Solidworks

ONEPOINTSIX provides turnkey solutions for product development, specialising in 'out of the box' conceptual design solutions, product engineering and testing, 3D computer aided design using SOLIDWORKS, plastic injection moulding, international or local manufacturing and everything in between. We design, engineer, source and produce everything needed to turn your project into a reality.

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