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A Tram Weighs More Than 30 Rhinos

Who can forget that most relatable of yardsticks for tram weight that was ubiquitous throughout the tram network for so many years. We're still not certain how much a rhino weighs, but we do know that an uncontrolled tram rolling freely down Collins street is something no-one wants to see.

The Problem

Melbourne is home to one of the world's greatest tram networks, but things still do go wrong and trams need to be towed. Just like the chain you connect to your trailer when towing with your car, a back up connection is necessary for trams in case of failure of the primary towing equipment. When you are towing something as heavy as a tram that back up system requires some serious engineering and a detailed approach to design and documentation.

The Solution

Yarra Trams turned to OnePointSix as a trusted design partner to assist in the development of the backup towing connection. OnePointSix designed a tow hitch based on the engineering requirements supplied by Yarra Trams and created 2D and 3D manufacturing documents.

Services completed for this project

•Functional Concept Design

•Engineering Design

•3D CAD and Drafting using Solidworks

ONEPOINTSIX provides turnkey solutions for product development, specialising in 'out of the box' conceptual design solutions, product engineering and testing, 3D computer aided design using SOLIDWORKS, plastic injection moulding, international or local manufacturing and everything in between. We design, engineer, source and produce everything needed to turn your project into a reality.

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