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Safety first, but style is important too.

Paint and adhesives found on stickers or decals compromise the structural integrity of hard hats, making them no longer compliant with Australian standards. Rad Hats Australia produce custom skins for hard hats that allow for a personalised design, without compromising safety.

The Problem

Rad Hats' custom skins are the safest and most durable hard hat branding and customisation solution available. Hard hats do take a beating though, and Rad Hats were looking to provide their customers with an edge guard to protect their artwork.

The Solution

OnePointSix had a hard hat scanned with a 3D laser scanner to capture the shape. We then took that scan data and reverse engineered it to produce solid CAD geometry to model the edge guard around. The new Rad Hats edge guard not only makes a hard hat look like a premium product, it also holds the Rad Hats skin in place, protects it from scratches, and provides a platform for attaching safety accessories like face-guards and LED lights.

Move slider from scan to CAD

Services Provided

• 3D Scanning

• Functional Concept Design

• Aesthetic Concept Design

• Engineering Design

• 3D CAD and Drafting

• Volume Manufacturing

• Product Visualisation and CGI

ONEPOINTSIX provides turnkey solutions for product development. Specialising in “out of the box” conceptual design solutions, product engineering and testing, 3D computer aided design using SOLIDWORKS, plastic injection moulding, international or local manufacturing and everything in between. We design, engineer, source and produce everything needed to turn your project into a reality.

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