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Engineering a Safer Tomorrow for Kids: OnePointSix's Role in BusMinder's Success Story

BusMinder’s mission is to revolutionize children’s safety on school buses with live location tracking data analytics. OnePointSix was contracted to cover every aspect of product development. This includes designing a comprehensive family of products, employing concept design, plastic engineering, and overseeing production management, providing a complete turnkey solution from receiving the brief all the way up to delivering multiple production orders.

onepointsix product development solution to EV charging

A notable aspect of this collaboration is the introduction of low-run production techniques, such as vacuum casting. This technique has empowered Bus Minder to make constant updates and variations to their products, ensuring that they stay ahead of continuously evolving components, technologies and safety requirements.

onepointsix product development solution to EV charging

In summary, the collaboration between Onepointsix and BusMinder is a shining example of how innovation, design, engineering, and production can revolutionize an industry. The commitment to enhancing school bus safety for kids, coupled with the implementation of cutting-edge techniques, promises a safer and more secure future for school transportation, not just in Australia but worldwide.



Services Provided - Concept Design of 7-8 family products

- Design for Manufacture (DFM Engineering) - 3D CAD Design and Drafting using SolidWorks

- Drawing Specification

- Production management


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